The French Poster Shop, what is it?

La Boutique du Poster Français, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

The French Poster Shop, what is it?

La Boutique du Poster Français is about making photographs accessible and visible (and these are real photographs, we don't talk about artificial intelligence at La Boutique du Poster Français) in the form of posters , allowing our customers to create an atmosphere authentic in their environment while maintaining attractive prices. Note that the average French budget for decoration is around 600 euros per year. We therefore offer posters in different formats, ranging from €27.99 to an average of €78.99 for the largest formats.

Posters and ambitions.

La Boutique du Poster Français also aims to make famous photographers , in order to offer them the recognition they deserve. Selling their photographs is a real challenge, and not everyone has the time or the network to create a physical store or regularly participate in exhibitions. This is where the Boutique du Poster Français comes in by creating a window (or a door) that offers great visibility on the work of each French photographer. Long live France ! It is obvious that these French photographers are very talented.

The 7th art at the service of the world and the environment.

The 7th art at the service of the world and the environment. Beyond the fact that photography gives free rein to one's imagination (just like a book), it is also a powerful means of communicating messages and transcribing emotions (like cinema, but in a static way). In addition, at the Boutique du Poster Français, photography contributes to the protection of the environment. Although this is cited dozens of times in articles and on the pages of our posters , it is important to note that when you buy a poster that is also French, you allow us to make donations to an environmental association that plants 10 trees per poster sold. Yes, it's as simple as that: you buy a poster and presto, 10 trees come out of the ground some time later. Of course, you can follow the progress of this project on the ECOLOGI.COM website. Moreover, it is also very important to remember that trees are not only a source of oxygen, but also the natural habitat of many animals, which risk disappearing without the help of man.

A Gallery of Photographs.

La Boutique du Poster Français is also an art gallery , or at least a photography gallery , available 24 hours a day, every day, for the curious and curious who decide to take an interest in photography. We even offer blog posts to give little tips and help grow in mastering the camera. And who knows, maybe you will submit your own photographs later?

Sell ​​your photos online.

Speaking of which, know that our selections of candidates who have applied to sell their photographs on the French Poster Shop are in no way based on their popularity or even on their tastes, but on their passion and their ability to express themselves through photography. Everyone has a chance to exhibit and sell their photos online .

In France and elsewhere we support Photography.

I want to say (even if you have surely understood it) that we support French photography and are in favor of the development of photography in France. In order to strengthen our presence on the internet and throughout the world, the French Poster Shop is now available in several languages, allowing easy and accessible access to our posters internationally. Photography being a universal language, our posters must be just as accessible. We are now present throughout Europe, French territories, the United States, Asia and Africa. The photography market must be democratized, just like any other form of art, in order to guarantee freedom of artistic expression everywhere and for everyone. It is for this reason that we work tirelessly every day to give you access to unique and quality content through our wall posters from photographs. Through these posters , you will find messages and many things to discover. Of course, you will have to take the time to look at our photo posters in order to understand the messages they convey. Don't forget that behind every poster there is a photograph, and behind every photograph there is a photographer. And behind each photographer, there is a soul that thinks and seeks to convey something to you through a vision of its own.

Welcome to the Boutique du Poster Français and enjoy your visit.

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