Photography as a Journey Through Time

Voyage à traver le temps avec la Photographie

Photography as a Journey Through Time

A few years ago, a French physicist made a discovery that will shake the whole world, a stunning technology that will have an impact on the lives of all living people on earth, well, in any case, a very large part. This technology allows us to travel through time, preserving evidence of the past and the stories of the world.

We all witness the magic of life every day, but sometimes our stories are so well told that no one believes us. That's where this technology comes in, photography... this is what allows you to travel without leaving your home. Today, photography allows us to discover the world by letting the viewer imagine the sensations of the moment and by creating their own story. It is through photographs that the inequalities identified throughout the world are denounced.

It is thanks to all of your fingers, when you activate the shutter button on your camera, or even on your smartphone, that, from one corner of the world to another, in a cabin, a large house or even in the street, a person knows what's happening on the other side of the world. With photography, you have the power to change the world. This powerful tool must be mastered with wisdom and love, for it is very powerful.

Some people may be lucky enough to have a magic wand, but we have cameras. We are among those who will leave a trace of the past to our children and their descendants. We are among those who capture animals without harming them to show the world that they exist and that they live and feel things. We are among those who denounce dangerous acts without violence, but with the help of our presence. We are among those who keep track of the village in which you grew up.

We are the ones who will allow you to open a book and tell your children: “Look how beautiful and happy we were on our wedding day.” We are among those who expect nothing, except recognition. We are sharing, and we write a part of history every day, without saying a word, without killing anyone, just by clicking a button, with good intentions. And we have the power to go back in time and take you on a journey without leaving our home. Our passion is sharing images and sensations while keeping our hands on our hearts. This is our power.

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