How to choose the ideal wall decoration for your interior

How to choose the ideal wall decoration for your interior

How to choose the ideal wall decoration for your interior

The wall decoration is an essential element to transform an interior and confers the personality of the occupants. In this article, discover the latest trends, practical tips and ideas for creating a unique and personalized space.

Current trends in wall decoration

Paintings and canvases

Paintings and canvases are essential in wall decoration. They bring an artistic touch to your interior. Popular styles include abstract, modern, and multicolor. To be at the forefront of the trend, opt for original creations or reproductions of famous works of art.


Mirrors beautify your space while visually enlarging the room. Geometric shapes, materials such as gold metal and styles such as industrial or mirror molding are very popular. Do not hesitate to play with the formats to create a harmonious whole.

The wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback in our interiors. Organic, geometric or classic black and white patterns are all options available to you. The texture of the wallpaper also brings an extra dimension to your wall decoration.

Choose the right wall decoration for each room

Living room

In the living room, the wall decoration must create a focal point and harmonize the elements present. Opt for an imposing painting or a triptych that attracts attention and matches your furniture.


The bedroom should promote relaxation and soothing atmosphere. Choose soft colors, relaxing images or floral motifs to create an atmosphere conducive to rest.


The kitchen is a functional space where it is possible to combine aesthetics and practicality. Consider inserting elements such as clocks, paintings representing food or original kitchen utensils.

Composer of a mural gallery

Select items

A wall gallery consists of different elements such as photos, paintings and decorative objects. Vary the formats, frames and subjects to obtain a coherent whole.

Organizer and designer

The layout of your wall gallery must be harmonious. Play with spaces and alignments to create a balanced visual rendering.

Use decorative wall shelves to display objects

Choose style and material

Wall shelves are available in various styles and materials (wood, metal, ceramic). Choose them according to your preferences and the style of your interior.

Composer and designer of objects

Arrange your decorative objects on the shelves in an aesthetic way. Remember to vary the sizes, shapes and colors for a harmonious rendering.

Tips for choosing colors and patterns for wall decoration

Take into account the size of the room and the desired atmosphere

The colors and patterns of your wall decoration should be adapted to the size of the room and the atmosphere you want to create. Light shades visually expand the space, while bright colors add dynamism.

Coordinate with other elements in the room

Make sure that the colors and patterns of your wall decoration match the furniture, textiles and other elements present in the room.

Create your own DIY wall decoration

Ideas for materials and techniques

Making your own wall decoration allows you to express your creativity. Use materials such as paint, collage or even recovery to create unique works.

Benefits of customization and originality

Creating your own wall decoration offers the advantage of obtaining original and personalized pieces that determine your tastes and your personality.

In conclusion, wall decoration is an essential component to transform an interior into a real living space. Experiment with different trends, styles, and ideas to create a unique space that's uniquely yours.

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