Photographs for a unique interior

Are you looking for original photos to decorate your interior? La Boutique du Poster offers you new shots to travel or marvel at.

Yann Peccard is passionate about photography, he has devoted himself to it since he was 9 years old. Not particularly academic, Yann is instinctive. He lets himself be guided by his desires, his emotions and tries his hand at entrepreneurship very early on. Self-taught and creative, Yann learns on his own and dreams of transmitting his vision of the world through these photos. In July 2021, he decided to create the Boutique du Poster. A pure player dedicated to wall decoration. He offers his photos from his expeditions or captured during his walks.

The art of photography… differently

Yann's universe is imbued with a naivety and a spontaneity that challenges. Never without his camera, Yann has the keen eye of enthusiasts! Through his eyes, street scenes are so many slices of life that we become witnesses to. Yann then reveals to us the banal and ordinary beauty of what we would not have been able to see! Shots of buildings and architectural elements give the illusion that they are frozen in time. Pictures of detailed details give the subject a more assertive character. Black and white brings a certain melancholy to the photographs. While the colors are worked to bring a magnificent contrast. Yann likes to offer different points of view. His pictures have this little something that upsets you, that challenges you.

Tailor-made art photography

In the form of a poster or framed photo, from the A4 sheet to larger dimensions (100 x 70 cm), there is something for everyone. The posters are suitable for all interiors but also for all budgets. Because Yann attaches great importance to ensuring that his art reaches everyone, regardless of budget.

Concerned about the environment and his carbon footprint, Yann strives to use only fully eco-responsible museum printing quality paper. It also uses wooden frames that come from sustainably managed forests.

Moreover, La Boutique du Poster participates in the action of and is committed to planting trees for all orders placed. Decorating your interior and participating in a good deed, what a great way to have fun!

Thanks to Maison & jardin magazine, the article available HERE

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