Guide to Choosing the Size and Location of your Poster

Hello, young decoration adventurer! Today I'm going to show you how to choose the perfect size for your poster and where to place it so that your room or home looks like a true enchanted kingdom. It's like choosing the perfect place for a treasure. Ready ? So let's go !

1. Small but Cute: 21x30 and 30x40

These little posters are like magic windows. They are perfect for small spaces or to create a wall of memories.

  • Where to place them? Hang them near your desk, next to your window, or on a small section of wall that seems a little lonely. It's like putting stamps on a secret letter.

  • Adventure Tip: Create a collage of several small posters to tell a story. Imagine a trip through the mountains or an encounter with wild animals!

2. Medium, for More Magic: 50x70

This size is perfect for drawing attention without taking up the entire wall. It's like finding a magic item on a quest.

  • Where to place them? Above your bed or sofa. This is the ideal place for a poster that makes you dream or inspires you.

  • Adventure Tip: Choose a poster that makes you feel happy or calm. Every time you watch it, you'll feel like you're in your favorite magical place.

3. Big and Bold: 61x91 and 70x100

These large posters are like portals to another world. They are perfect for making a bold statement.

  • Where to place them? On a large empty wall or in a space where you really want the poster to be the hero of the room.

  • Adventure Tip: Use these large sizes for landscapes or scenes that greatly inspire you. It's like having a window to your favorite adventure.

4. Framed for Elegance: 21x30, 30x40, 50x70, 61x91

Framed posters add a touch of elegance and finishing. It's like putting armor on your treasure.

  • Where to place them? In rooms where you receive guests, such as the living room or dining room. They add a touch of sophistication.

  • Adventure tip: Choose a frame that complements your poster but also the style of your room. It's like choosing the right equipment for a quest.

Tips for All Decorating Adventurers

  • Measure before buying: Make sure the size you choose fits the space on your wall. It's like checking your map before you go on an adventure.
  • Think about the light: Place your poster where the light can highlight it, but be careful not to expose it directly to the sun to avoid it fading.
  • Eye level: For optimal appreciation, hang your poster at eye level. It's like placing a precious object where you can always see it and enjoy it.

Now that you have these tips, young adventurer, you are ready to transform your room or home into a place of magic and inspiration. Choose your size, find the perfect location, and let the magic of posters light up your space!

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