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How do you choose the photographs that you put up for sale?

It's a question I've been waiting for, well it's very simple most of the time I already know that I'm going to publish it before I even take it as soon as I see my target I've decided on the slight edits I'm going to do on the photos, then if I like the photo I look at it at least an hour or two before making the final decision.

You should know that to put online the 375 photos that appear on the poster shop I had to sort through more than 35,000 shots and the numbers are on the rise every day.

Do you offer limited prints?

Absolutely, I offer limited prints, these are the photos that have marked me the most during my career as an amateur photographer (yes, I do not consider myself a pro at the moment) limited prints are the photos that have, caught the attention of someone, or a particular brand. Either photos that mark a day whose progress was out of the ordinary.

Do you cover a set of very different themes, do you see it above all as a way to meet the preferences of your customers, or are you passionate about all the topics covered?

Indeed the themes are quite different, you should also know that the photographs ordered by customers are not posted on the website. Each project on demand remains private, all the photos available on the poster shop are photos created by passion, all the subjects fascinate me: from nature to the street, from the sun to a simple leaf in the forest.

What are your favorite subjects, and where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love cars! It is one of my passions that takes up the most space, and has been for many years. Then comes nature photography, I love photographing birds too, in fact I draw my inspiration from deep within me.

Do you respond to specific photo commissions?

Yes, these are things that happen. But I'm not making it my priority right now.

Do we photograph in the same way when the image is intended to be printed?

Personally, I do not change my way of making images whatever its purpose. I put a lot of passion in my photos that's all, it's for me the most important.

What are your favorite places and times for your shots?

I like big cities as much as small villages and the nature that surrounds it, I have no preference on this subject.

Do you think the sale of photographs has evolved in recent years, and how?

Not enough for the general public to notice.

Do you plan to open your site with other photographers?

Yes I plan to collaborate with other photographers in Europe who have already contacted me, but not yet.

What do you think is the secret of a successful photo?

A successful photo does not really exist, as much as a failed photo. Everyone loves or hates what they see, I think the secret of a photo that we find beautiful lies in the passion we felt when taking it.

How proud do you feel to know that your works are exhibited in people's homes?

You can't even imagine! To tell the truth, I don't know how to describe it, it's just incredible at my level to tell myself that people exhibit my photos in their interior decoration.

What equipment do you use and do you think it influences your way of photographing?

Serious things, I own a Nikon Z6 II which by the way is a great body, for street photography I use it with a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and the Nikon 20mm f/1.8 always comes with me deep in my camera bag.

For landscape photography I use more my 20mm, and for nature and animal photography the 70-200mm and a Sigma 150-600mm.

In 95% of cases I use my 70-200mm f/2.8 from Nikon, because the quality is crazy. Well, after that, it's sure that we do better in terms of discretion, but you have to take risks in life!

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