The unique photo posters of Yann Peccard on the Poster Shop

The unique photo posters of Yann Peccard on the Poster Shop

Each interior asserts itself by betting on original and sometimes unusual wall decorations. Yann Peccard is a young French photographer living in Paris. We can see through his works (characters, forests, stone, car…), his passion for the image and his desire to share with everyone a capture, a snapshot that looks like him. Focus on the artist, his universe and his online store of photo posters.

Decorative posters and photos that change the mood!

By taking advantage of all the technological assets, the young creative got into the saddle in 2021 to found his company Pecpictureidf and at the same time his own poster shop. He collects in his library all the photos taken during his escapades in the maze of Parisian streets. Whether in the city, in Paris or on the country roads, each "stolen moment" becomes a story thanks to the photographer's lens.

Because he wants everyone to enjoy it, Yann does not limit himself to a single theme, but explores several universes. Each of his works nevertheless bears his signature: spontaneity, a mixture of the unusual and the obvious. Either way, he wants every photo and decorative poster in his library to have mood-changing power! According to him, the mood is directly related to the decoration of his habitat.

Just by viewing posters (forests, nature, stone, car, etc.) on the walls of their home, the atmosphere immediately becomes different and leaves no one indifferent. And the magic can happen both at home and in the office! Yann Peccard therefore invites everyone to visit his photo library.

A library of posters for all budgets

Street photographs take you into unsuspected universes. Sometimes you are entitled to the shy cliché of a luxury car, sometimes you can experience a passer-by for a fraction of a second. Our photographer in Paris also knows how to capture nature in his own way. Most of the works available in his library are offered at a fair price and they come in several sizes. The imposing formats can reach 100 cm x 70 cm.

However, rare shots have been classified as limited editions in his library. This then makes their price a little higher. Don't worry, it's a privilege to have a one-of-a-kind poster at home that no one around you has.

If you prefer the black and white style, the online library also has some nice surprises in store for you. They will act as wall decoration – key in your apartment or house. Know that the company in Paris is all ears to personalize the poster of your choice. All you have to do is communicate your contacts via the online form.

Quickly find the limited photo prints on the site The Paris Poster Shop

A well-thought-out and responsible work style

What would the impressive captures of this artist in Paris be without quality support and printing technique! In order to reveal his art as it should, the entrepreneur chose matte, thick, resistant and environmentally friendly paper for his photos.

But that's not all. According to your wishes, your photos will be framed in wood from forests with sustainable ecological management. And to further affirm the company's desire to participate in reducing the carbon footprint, it is in partnership with An action that allows him to offer each customer the opportunity to grow 3 trees somewhere, for each item purchased.

Thanks to Ô Magazine, the article available HERE

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