The Lotus story

Lotus' history is rich and marked by milestone innovations and achievements in the automotive industry. Founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman, Lotus quickly gained a reputation for designing and building lightweight, high-performance sports cars.

One of the marque's first cars, the Lotus Seven, was a mid-engined car with a lightweight tubular frame and a small-capacity engine. This car was popular with racing drivers and sports car enthusiasts due to its outstanding performance and pleasant handling.

Over the years, Lotus continued to innovate and develop new models, such as the Elan, Europa and Esprit. Each of these models brought something new to the automotive industry and were praised for their performance, design and ride quality.

Despite the brand's financial difficulties over the years, Lotus has continued to thrive and grow as a leader in the high performance sports car industry. In 2019, the brand was purchased by Chinese automaker Geely, allowing it to continue to develop new models and position itself as one of the most innovative and respected manufacturers in the global automotive industry. .

Today, Lotus is considered an iconic brand in the automotive industry and continues to develop high performance sports cars with attention to detail and unparalleled build quality. Many car enthusiasts consider owning a Lotus a dream come true, and the brand is proud of its heritage and commitment to automotive excellence.

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