By launching his own poster shop, Yann, a passionate photographer, shares his unique universe and his perpetual search for beauty with as many people as possible.

Bringing the beauty of things home

During his walks in Paris or far from his comfort zone, Yann captures unsuspected moments of beauty. Never without his camera, the photographer, in a way, freezes time forever on a beautiful light, a movement, a color, a person or even animals. This photography enthusiast wanted to share these stolen moments by creating La Boutique du Poster, by PecPictureIDF. “I wanted people to realize the beauty of things, without even leaving their homes,” he explains. Thus, its online store currently brings together around a hundred photographer's posters , after sorting through approximately 36,000 photos.

Pay attention to details

Whether photos in urban or natural settings, La Boutique du Poster, by PecPictureIDF allows you to discover Yann's artistic universe. And this one leaves no room for detail. "For me, the details do not exist," he says. These are not unimportant little things, on the contrary, they are what counts the most. These are the spices that bring flavor to a dish”. Thus, the posters shine by their beauty and especially by the originality that they bring to a decoration. Once the order has been placed, the pictures are printed on thick, matt, high quality paper and can be framed by a wooden frame, from sustainably managed forests.

New worlds to explore

To develop a very varied collection, the photographer from La Boutique du Poster, by PecPictureIDF has big plans and great inspirations. In addition to going to different countries to immortalize the essence of each country, Yann plans to immerse himself in natural environments to take new shots. His ultimate dream? Photographing the Northern Lights or unfortunately endangered species. But in the meantime, he continues to offer his sublime shots, available in different formats, to bring happiness to his customers, who can rediscover, almost at every glance, their decoration.

La Boutique du Poster, by PecPictureIDF therefore offers unique posters, made by a single photographer. The latter, in addition to multiplying the trips in search of new shots, hopes soon to carry out the printing and framing of his works himself.

Thanks to Marie Claire Maison, article available HERE

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