A new range of framed posters

La boutique du Poster presents a new range of framed posters, ready to use to decorate your interiors like never before. We are making more and more framed posters available to make it easier to put up photo murals in your home, offering you competitive prices for the kind of work we do every day to bring you the most beautiful photographs.

Urban landscape photography, framed wall poster unique creation of photographerFrench landscape photography in Cantal, framed wall poster unique creation of photographer

Our shop presents more than 600 handpicked wall posters among thousands of photographs that we take ourselves to share our passion and our vision of the world through our shots. We offer decoration for all tastes and colors, with various formats to adapt to all types of interior decoration.

Our shop is not limited to a simple wall photography shop, it is also a place of sharing, relaxation and conviviality. We strive to give the best of ourselves to offer you the opportunity to dive even more into our universe by writing descriptions for each of our photographs, to create a unique feeling of immersion.

The choice of materials is essential to offer you quality posters and frames with an optimized budget. Although the average prices remain high compared to traditional posters, we do everything we can to reduce the margins as much as possible, knowing that all the content in our store is unique, which partly explains the prices.

Photograph of a cloud that is traversed by sunlight

Travel and contact are essential in photography. All the photographs have a story, some photos are taken directly or indirectly thanks to the intervention of the people we meet during our expeditions. This gives a social dimension to photography and makes it much more interesting. It is on the most mundane days that we meet wonderful people who inspire our work and change the look of photographs. Come and discover our universe and find the perfect poster for your interior!

It all starts with a passion and a desire to do good by sharing happiness with as many people as possible. Life surprises us every day with moments of fatigue, hysteria, but also peace. Photography allowed me to see the world differently, even behind a gray photograph, there are beautiful things that stand out. Depending on the angle you take to observe the world, you quickly realize that all is not black or pink, and it is up to you to decide which angle is the most beautiful. Photography makes it possible to control this precious angle, sometimes in a surprising way.

Nothing is ugly, nothing is beautiful, everything is relative. Each of the people you meet has different tastes and apprehensions. That's why on the French poster shop, there is something for absolutely everyone, regardless of your age or your preferences. I also invite you to share your views and ideas with me in the contact section. Everyone is welcome on the poster shop. If you wish to accompany me during a photo outing in Paris, in the Paris region or simply somewhere in France, it is with pleasure that I will take the time to organize an outing without any commercial intention. I remind you that all the posters in my shop are from my photographs. I don't use anything other than what I create myself from A to Z.

In a few years, I would like to create another shop that brings together a lot of professional and amateur photographers located in Europe, so that they can sell their photographs and share their passion, or even make a living from it. Photography is an open door to the world, and allows us to discover extraordinary places and people. I am happy to be able to share this with you through my shop, and I hope that you will take as much pleasure in contemplating my shots as I took in taking them.

In addition to having access to a collection of wall posters created especially for you, the Boutique du Poster Français is one of the companies that have decided to contribute to the fight against deforestation and the preservation of the natural habitats of animals around the world. . By preserving the forest, we are all together preserving thousands of species of animals that live in forests around the world. A tree shelters lives, think about it!

In addition, it's a rather nice exchange: a beautiful photograph bought and 5 trees are planted somewhere in the world, and I'm the one who pays! Discover my unique collection of wall posters to decorate your interior and show off your personality. Because today's photographs are tomorrow's memories, the Boutique du Poster Français offers you the opportunity to decorate your home while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

We are proud of our commitment to protecting the environment and we hope you will share our passion for nature. Thanks to your purchase, you contribute directly to the preservation of forests and the animals that live there. So do not hesitate any longer and come and discover our collection of unique and ecological wall posters now!

Because today's photographs are tomorrow's memories.

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