For an original decoration & each poster purchased means 10 trees planted

Pour une décoration originale & chaque poster acheté, c'est 10 arbres plantés

For an original decoration , we have imagined the best: walls decorated with beautiful photographs. Why not designer posters or movie posters? Because we like simple things, simple and effective decoration that serves a purpose, both to allow you to have something original in your home and with the aim of supporting a French artist photographer.

We are behind the photographers to support them in their adventure full of life and meaning. Photography is stories, and to go even further, photography is their stories. Hundreds or even thousands of hours of travel filled with emotions are hidden behind these wall posters: sighs, smiles, "Wow", silences that say a lot, wide eyes in the face of beauty. of the world around us.

To bring our adventures to your home, all you have to do is take the plunge and order your photo poster. And this makes sense, since let's not forget: each poster purchased means 10 trees planted, which you can follow the growth time by knowing the location where the tree is planted.


In the quest for original and meaningful interior decoration, wall photography stands out as a preferred option, offering much more than just aesthetic embellishment. Opting for photographs instead of designer posters or films reveals an appreciation for simplicity, authenticity, and direct support of French photographic artists. This article explores why choosing photo wall murals to decorate your space is not just about aesthetics, but encompasses a deeper connection with captivating stories and ecological commitment.

Why Mural Photography?

Wall photographs bring a unique dimension to interior decoration, capturing fleeting moments and spectacular panoramas that invite contemplation and escape. Unlike mass-market posters, they offer a personal and original touch, reflecting the unique tastes of each individual and creating a truly personal and inviting ambiance in any space.

Supporting Photographic Artists

By choosing wall photographs, you actively participate in supporting photographic artists, contributing to their recognition and success. Buying a photograph means recognizing hours of work, passion and adventure. It’s recognizing the importance of creativity and encouraging artists to continue their quest to capture the beauty of the world.

The Stories Behind the Photographs

Each photograph tells a story, taking the viewer on a journey through the eyes of the artist. Whether it is an urban exploration, a breathtaking natural landscape, or a moment of everyday life, these images reflect lived experiences and shared emotions. They enrich our environment, reminding us of the wonders of the world around us.

An Environmental Commitment

Purchasing a wall photograph on is not limited to the acquisition of a work of art; it is also a gesture in favor of the environment. For each poster purchased, ten trees are planted, allowing buyers to actively contribute to reforestation and the conservation of biodiversity. This ecological commitment reinforces the meaning behind each purchase, combining passion for art and environmental responsibility.

How to Choose Your Wall Photography

Selecting the right photography for your space involves considering the mood you want to create, the colors and style of your interior, and the emotions you hope to evoke. At , a diverse range of works is available, allowing everyone to find the perfect piece that will resonate with their space and spirit.


Photo murals offer a unique opportunity to personalize your space while supporting artists and the environment. Choosing a work on means choosing a decoration that has meaning, that tells stories, and that contributes to a greener world. Beautify your interior with captured moments that bring inspiration, beauty and ecological commitment to your daily life.

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