The Willys Interlagos

The Willys Interlagos was a car produced by the Brazilian automobile brand Willys-Overland in the late 1950s. It was named after the famous racing circuit in São Paulo, the Interlagos circuit.

The Willys Interlagos was considered one of the most luxurious and high performance cars of its time. It had an inline 6-cylinder engine developing around 115 horsepower, which made it very fast for its time. The car also featured front disc brakes, a 4-speed manual gearbox and independent suspension.

The Willys Interlagos was very popular with Brazilian consumers and was often used for local motor racing. The car's design was sleek and distinctive, with a chrome grille, curved front fenders and a retractable hardtop.

Unfortunately, production of the Willys Interlagos was discontinued in the 1960s due to the Brazilian economic crisis and increased competition from foreign brands. Today, the Willys Interlagos is considered a rare collector's item and is often appreciated by vintage car enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Willys Interlagos was an iconic sports car produced in Brazil that marked an important era in automotive history. It is a symbol of Brazilian national pride and remains a much-loved car today.

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