The village of Salers: a hidden gem in Auvergne

The village of Salers: a hidden gem in Auvergne

Located in the Cantal department, in Auvergne, the village of Salers is an ideal place for a quiet getaway off the beaten track. With its cobbled streets, stone houses, Gothic churches and picturesque landscapes, Salers is a real hidden gem in the region.

The charm of Salers lies in its well-preserved medieval architecture. The freestone buildings, lauze roofs and narrow streets have retained their authenticity, giving the impression that time has stood still. The village is also known for its cheese of the same name, which is made locally using a centuries-old traditional method.

The heritage of Salers is not limited to its architecture and its cheese. The village is also surrounded by stunning natural scenery, with rolling green hills, wooded valleys and streams meandering through the countryside. Hikers can explore the region using the many marked hiking trails, while cyclists can explore the peaceful country roads.

For visitors wishing to bring back a souvenir of their stay in Salers, there are a variety of shops offering local products, such as cheeses, charcuterie and wines from the region. It is also possible to find handicrafts, such as pottery and jewelry, as well as posters and wall decorations representing the landscapes and buildings of Salers. Animal lovers can also purchase products featuring the Salers cow, an iconic local cattle breed.

In summary, the village of Salers is an ideal destination for travelers seeking to discover an authentic and preserved destination in Auvergne. Between its medieval heritage, its surrounding nature and its local products, Salers has everything to please visitors. Photography enthusiasts can also capture impressive images of the city and its surroundings

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